Meet Nick

2018 Youth Governor - Nick Freeze

Joining Michigan Youth in Government as a 7th grader was a scary and wonderful experience. I had never heard of any similar program and had no one to look up to because it was the first year my delegation took a middle school group. The conference blew me away! I couldn’t believe the enormous number of people who wanted to come to YIG and debate and listen to each other. That amazing experience made me want to return the next year with even more enthusiasm. I was hooked in YIG. Attending that first middle school conference was the best decision of my entire middle and high school career. However, I never would have guessed that I would stand in front of the entire delegation and serve as the Youth Governor. If you would have told 7th grade Nick Freeze that he would one day be the youth governor, he would probably ask you if you were feeling alright. That Nick Freeze had no intentions of one day running for governor and had no clue of the joy it would bring him. That was the old Nick Freeze. Now I am excited! I am ready for whatever challenges may lie ahead. But I have asked myself “What does it really mean to be the Youth Governor?” To me, being Youth Governor means being ready to represent the MYIG program at a moment’s notice. As Youth Governor, I have the privilege of representing the youth of Michigan at conferences such as: The Youth Governor’s Conference, the Conference on National Affairs, any number of conferences in Lansing, and YMCA speaking engagements. But I think that the highest privilege is overseeing both the middle school and high school conference. Most importantly, being a Youth Governor means that I must be a representative of the youth of Michigan. This is so important because it includes so many honors and privileges that I normally don’t have. I get to meet so many students across the state of Michigan and can hopefully either be their voice or enable them to have their voice be heard. As Youth Governor, I want to stress the importance of each person’s voice and to stress that each and every person who comes through the MYIG program will know that their voice will be heard. I am honored for this opportunity to serve as youth governor and I can’t wait for all of the joy that I know I will experience through my final year of this amazing program.


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