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2018 Youth Governor - Aashray Khanna

It happened during a lunch period in my 6th grade year. Someone had left a piece of bread in the toaster, burned it, and we had gotten our toasting privileges taken away indefinitely. At the time, I thought that day would go down as one of the worst in my life. Little did I know, I would be look back at it six years later as one of the luckiest. My global studies teacher stood up around halfway through the period and announced that our school was offering an opportunity to travel to Lansing under a program called Michigan Youth in Government. The prospect of visiting our state’s capital and the opportunity to miss some school pushed me to approach my teacher after than announcement and sign up. I had no idea in that moment what a huge part of my life Michigan Youth in Government would become.

Unlike many other delegates, I was not in love with politics before I attended my first MYIG conference. I left with the intention of leaving my comfort zone and the hope that I would learn many new things from people much smarter than me. Both of those things would happen throughout the conference and much more. During MYIG that year, and every year since, I have been fortunate enough to make my voice heard, learn about the issues affecting our state, develop my beliefs, and most importantly, make many amazing friends.

As my love for this program grew, so did my desire to play a bigger role in the process. I ran for Lt. Governor in the 8th grade and I held the role with pride that year. While that was an amazing experience, I wanted more. It was after listening to other Youth Governors confidently address delegates and after watching them proudly lead the conference that I realized I wanted the same thing.

I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve as your Youth Governor for the 2019 Early Conference! Beyond all my feelings of excitement though, is gratitude. I am so honored to be able to represent and support all of you while you find solutions to the issues affecting all of us. The magnitude of what I have been trusted with has not escaped me. I promise that throughout the next year I will work non-stop to make sure that the promises I made during my campaign come to fruition, and that next year’s conference is the best one this program has ever seen.

I know for a fact that if it were not for this program, I would not be the person I am today. I would have less self-confidence, be less knowledgeable, and not be as good of a leader. I realize the impact that MYIG has, not only on our communities but on all of us individually. The responsibilities I have as your Youth Governor are not ones that will take lightly, you have my word.


Aashray Khanna

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