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YMCA Conference on National Affairs

This program offers unusual opportunities for a young person to do research in the area of National and International concern; to organize this information into a proposal; to engage in intensive discussion and to debate these proposals with understanding young people from other states.

Young people who have participated in the YMCA Young Conference on National Affairs are unanimous in their belief that this experience makes a vital contribution in helping young citizens to learn more about the democratic form of Government.

Objectives of the program are:

  • To gain an awareness of National concerns and issues.
  • To increase understanding of Federal Government and its relation to State, National and International matters.
  • To have and use a means for communicating concerns about National Affairs to appropriate persons and groups at Federal Government levels.
  • To develop increased understanding of needs, responsibilities and opportunities.
  • To work creatively together with young adults and adults.
  • To help youth and adults to better understand and strengthen their values for living through the Christian objectives of the YMCA.

Qualification of Participants: 

  • Participated in YMCA Michigan Youth in Government 
  • Draft a proposal of national or international concern
  • The proposal must express the views of the author and the objectives and content of the proposal are far more important than form.
  • The selection process is highly competitive and no more than 25 students will be chosen to represent Michigan.

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Mountain Manual 

Scholarship Application

CONA 2019 Proposals by Delegation 

CONA 2019 proposals by Committee 



National Judicial Competition

What is NJC:

The National Judicial Competition (NJC) bring together Youth & Government participants from around the country to face off in mock trial and appellate competitions. Held in downtown Chicago at the Y-USA National Headquarters and the Chicago Bar Association.

Team Requirements: 

Appellate teams must be 2-4 students

Mock Trial teams must be 5-8 students

2-3 attorneys for defendant
2-3 attorneys for plaintiff
3 witnesses for defendant
3 witnesses for plaintiff
1 court bailiff – each team is required to have an advisor or student available to serve as bailiff

Qualification of Participants: 

Participants must be currently enrolled in grades 9-12

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