Conference Information

Michigan Youth in Government is a one of a kind opportunity for students and advisors alike.  While the rewards of attending conference are immeasurable, preparing for conference can seem like a lot of work.  Not to worry! By using the information provided here (as well as our information toolbox and Recruiting Tools under the "Advisor" tab) the process will seem almost effortless!


Lesson Plans for New Schools

Not a government guru? The MYIG office has supplied you with some lesson plans to help get your delegates up to speed! 



Delegations and Roles

  • All 6th-8th grade students who desire to further their knowledge of state government and civic responsibility may attend if in good standing with their school.
  • All candidates for leadership roles in the Green or Red Legislature must be in the 7th or 8th grade and have at least one year’s experience at the YIG Lansing conference.
  • Candidates for leadership roles in the Blue Legislature must be in the 6th grade or be a first-year seventh grader. 

Nomination and Election of Candidates

Each school group or YMCA club participating in Youth in Government may submit one nomination for each position, provided the candidate meets the qualification for the office for which he or she is running. All elections will be done on the first day of the conference.

Conference Basics

Dress Code for conference is always professional, but professional doesn't mean expensive.  For additional information on the dress code, please take a look in the "Advisor Toolbox" for the complete dress code.


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