Southeast Fall Training Conference

If you are running for an elected position click here for the application! The application must be completed by October 3rd in order to be a candidate.

  Fall Conference Training Dates:

U of M, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Monday, October 17, 2016
Registration between 8:00 - 8:45 AM, location TBA
Program will begin at 8:50 AM and end at approximately 1:00 PM
Delegate fee: $ 25.00 to be paid at fall conference registration. Please note that we cannot accept personal checks from students. Please bring either cash or a school check.
No food is provided please have your students bring their own snacks.

Prospective delegates to Youth in Government must attend a district fall training conference orientation session. This is a prerequisite for those who wish to attend the Lansing conference or any other of the travel-study seminars offered by Youth in Government.   

1. Two weeks prior to fall training conference each advisor must mail, fax or e-mail to the state office the name and grade of each delegate from their school or YMCA. $25/student registration fee will be collected at fall conference.

2. If your delegation is seeking any elected positions please have the candidates prepared to compete for these positions at the fall conference. Students seeking any elected or appointed position must apply before fall conference. The Governor, Red/Green Lt. Governor or Speaker of the House and Blue/White Lt. Governor or Speaker of the House candidates must complete the candidate application. Check the positions PDF below for available positions in your district this year. 

3. Committee chairs, chaplains, secretaries and clerks will be appointed. Applications will be included in the mailing after fall conference.

Campaigning at Fall Training Conference:

Delegates running for positions are encouraged to campaign for the position. Materials such as  handouts, buttons, fliers, etc. are strongly suggested. Please, no peanut candy, gum, mailing labels or any stick- on type materials. Also, a good lobbying effort is important. Each candidate for Governor will be limited to a five minute speech. Speaker and Lt. Governor candidates will be put through an oral test on parliamentary procedure.


State Youth In Government Office
P.O. Box 65
Quincy, Michigan 49082
Phone: (517) 639-4480 - Contact Us
Fax: (517) 639-3525