Political Compromise

The Political Compromise program’s objective is to provide students a framework that requires cooperation and compromise within which they create a single policy based on a topic of state or national importance.

Discussion Question

Should Michigan's public schools equally divide their tax dollars between athletic programs and arts based programing?

The Story: In 2017 the Michigan Legislature is considering a bill requiring that all public schools equally divide their tax dollars between athletic programs and arts based programming.

Yigburg is a school district that spends about $400,000.00 each year on all sports and arts based programs. In the past three years the district has spent nearly $300,000.00 on sports each year and $100,000.00 on arts based programs.

Faced with this new law, which requires them to redistribute their money evenly, a community meeting has been called by the school board to discuss the district's funding policies. Several local groups, who have a stake in the funding of these programs, have been brought in to explain their positions. As representatives from these organizations, your voice is important.  

At the conclusion of the 2017 YMCA MYIG Political Compromise program all three groups must come together to produce one letter to the legislature that expresses the views of Yigburg in regards to this law. 

Special Interest Groups:

Yigburg Association of Public School Sports (YAPSS)

The Yigburg Association of Public School Sports, or YAPSS, seeks to advance the role of athletics in school. YAPSS believes that each student who participates in athletic programs benefits from learning the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and physical fitness.  The official position of YAPSS is that the current funding model exists because sports have a higher cost than arts.  YAPSS believes that the very nature of sports requires more spending because coaches require competitive pay, teams need safety equipment and this must be maintained, and facilities require upkeep.  To cut the sports budget by even a penny would be too much and YAPSS does not think this law should be passed.

Yigburg Organization for Fine Arts (YOFA)

The Yigburg Organization for Fine Arts, or YOFA, advocates for arts programming because they believe it enriches the education of all students and provides creative outlets to all students. YOFA feels that the arts programs are always the first program under fire during a budget cut. YOFA feels that Yigburg has over funded athletics to the detriment of arts programs for too many years. YOFA is in favor of passing this bill. Furthermore, YOFA believes that the arts in schools are already struggling to survive, while sports tend to face little to no problems in receiving funding.  Equal funding would mean that Yigburg students who participate in arts would be able to utilize better materials, do more advanced work and have even more arts programming options.

Yigburg Organization for Business Owners (YOBO)

The Yigburg Organization for Business Owners, or YOBO, represents the interests of many businesses in the community including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and retail stores. YOBO is concerned with how this bill will impact their bottom line.  As Yigburg business owners, this group benefits directly from customers, both local and distant, who patronize their businesses. Furthermore they benefit from school events that bring friends and relatives of students into town.  A healthy business community helps to ensure a robust tax base that benefits schools, students, and their families.  While they have not taken an official position on this bill they continue to monitor how it's implementation will impact their work in the community. 

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