Political Compromise

The Political Compromise program’s objective is to provide students a framework that requires cooperation and compromise within which they create a single policy based on a topic of state or national importance.

Discussion Question

Make a recommendation to the Great Lakes Compact that Great Lakes water should be used to help support areas of the country with a water shortage?

The Story: The United States has a problem on their hands. Currently many states such as Arizona, California, Nevada are experiencing severe drought. Drought is affecting the agriculture and way of life for the citizen living in these states. The Great Lakes are being targeted as an opportunity to solve these drought problems and assist the citizen of the west coast. The situation is becoming more severe each year. Three interest groups have come together to devise a solution to the problem.  

At the conclusion of the 2018 YMCA MYIG Political Compromise program all three groups must come together to produce one recommendation to the legislature that expresses their solution to this growing problem

Interest Groups:

Michigan Environmental Organizations for Water (MEOW)

Michigan environmental organization for water, or MEOW, is a group of people that want to protect the US water resources from overuse and pollution. MEOW believes that the pumping of water across the country will have detrimental affects to the ecosystems here in Michigan. The official position of MEOW is if this were to pass it would cause devastating outcomes to both parties overtime.

Humans Inflicted by Severe Scarcity (HISS)

Humans inflicted by severe scarcity, or HISS, are people seeking water to sustain their way of life. Water is needed for drinking, irrigation and fire safety. HISS believes that the water should be shared amongst the people that need it most. The northern half of the country has more water than the southern half and with the climate continuing to change and populations continuing to grow, they want to get ahead of the problem before it becomes even worse!

Residents Aiding Water Regulation (RAWR)

Residents aiding water regulation, or RAWR, live in the Midwest but some have family members living in affected areas. They want to keep water prices low. They are excited for the job growth and opportunities that the creation of a water transport system would create. However, they are concerned about how expensive it will be to pump the water across the country. They also want to make sure that we don’t strain the resources in the Great Lakes.

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