National Issues Forum


The National Issues Forum (NIF) is a unique program that offers opportunities for high school delegates to debate and research issues of national and/or international importance. 

In Lansing, the National Issues Forum uses a format where proposals are presented to delegates in four successive rounds (each of increasing size) at “Proposal Hearings”. A Chair leads delegates in each forum.





To involve youth in the problem solving of issues affecting the country and the world


  • To address issues of national and international concern
  • To have every delegate prepare and present a proposal of his/her choosing
  • To consider, debate, discuss and evaluate every proposal in progressively larger forums
  • To provide small forums for debate, discussion and group interaction – allowing each delegate numerous speaking opportunities
  • To train delegates on public speaking, debate, and proposal writing and research
  • To develop traits of leadership, awareness and civic engagement in all delegates
  • To have fun!

Delegate Roles

As a delegate you are responsible for:

  • Independently identifying and researching an issue of national or international importance
  • Writing a one-page proposal on the topic of your choice
  • Preparing and delivering a two-minute speech in favor of your proposal at your initial session hearing and subsequent rounds (should you advance)
  • Participating in the debate and discussion of fellow delegates’ proposals

During the Lansing Conference

  • Every delegate will have several opportunities to speak.
  • Delegates engage in intense discussions, argue in favor of their own proposal and debate the merits and flaws of other delegates’ proposals in four forums/hearings of ever increasing size. (We call these forums “rounds”.)
  • At the end of each round, delegates will rank the proposals presented using specific criteria. Each proposal’s composite score from these rankings determines the proposals that advance to the next round.
  • In General Assembly, (“GA”) the fourth and final round, the top proposals are presented by their author to the entire National Issues Forum, where the proposal is passed or defeated.
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