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Each fall, local schools and YMCA's select from their members those who are most interested in learning leadership skills and government. Any school or YMCA can participate by contacting the YIG state office.

The Lansing conference provides students with an opportunity to become acting state legislators, governors, lobbyists, lawyers, committee chairs or national debate participants. In essence, the students simulate all phases and positions of the actual state government. These students are challenged with many of the issues our real legislators must face in their elected offices.

Schools who attend fall conference will have first choice of which State conference they will attend. Schools that do not attend a fall conference may request a conference but shall understand that the YIG office will place them in the conference that has space available.

Program Cost:

  •  Students $400
  •  Double Adults $400
  •  Single Adults $550

Cost includes fall training conference, spring conference, hotel accommodations, banquet, t-shirt, dance, student bill book and all program materials, and transportation during the conference. Costs are based on students rooming 4 to a room and advisors 2 to a room. Advisors may request a single room at an additional charge.

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