The success of the Youth In Government Program is dependent upon the Youth in Government advisor from the local district. It is the advisor who has the daily relationship with the youth that is needed if the program is to achieve its stated goals and purposes.

Good leadership is basic to any program. Your assistance with the groups that attend Youth In Government is greatly appreciated. Youth do not always vocalize about their advisor, but sooner or later they do acknowledge an advisor's contribution, particularly that of one who is genuinely friendly and decisive in situations when necessary. Good advisors are the backbone of Youth In Government. The educational level of the program clearly depends upon the level of responsibility of the advisor.

Looking to start a delegation? Email your information and a MYIG staff member will be contacting you soon! Update your Advisor information form to let us know what conference you are looking to attend and to get our weekly emails. 

The advisor's job is one of facilitating the youth in having the kind of experience which calls for great learning, develops the personhood of each participant and brings about an understanding of our legislative and political system.

Each delegation must provide one adult advisor (who must be 21 years of age or older) for every 12 youth. The advisor should receive from the state office all necessary orientation and training needed to effectively function in the Youth In Government program.

Advisors can apply to receive continuing education credits while at the conference. 

To function effectively in the statewide Youth In Government Program, the advisor is required to:

  • Attend the fall conference.
  • Attend the three-day Lansing Conference. All advisors must be present in the program area to which they are assigned at all designated times.
  • Prepare participants before hand in parliamentary procedures, preparation of bills, candidacy for office and code of conduct
  • Conduct themselves in an orderly and responsible manner. Nothing will be done in this leadership role to encourage students to commit any infractions of the rules.
  • Attend all required meetings.


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